With the boat recently back from its annual scrub, paint & maintenance this morning seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the first proper trip of the year.

As always, we start the year with high hopes, big dreams and even bigger lures but unfortunatedly – although not unexpectedly as it is early February afterall – the theme of today became dawningly clear the moment I left Vila this morning and set off on the drive to Sitges – a little display in the car was smiling (laughing) at me showing it was 4 degree C outside. Oh boy, was it cold out there…

Started out from the port around 09:00 into a horrible lumpy sea which thankfully calmed down late morning but the waves weren´t disgusing anything – no gulls were dancing on the surface anywhere and it seems that I tried just a little bit too early – there is being nothing big here yet.

In the depths I found the usual culprits prowling the sea bed though, some Blotched Pickarel, a cool looking Lizardfish and huge shoals of the ever present Scad…

In anticipation of the weeks ahead, some photos of the fish finder show that there is plenty of life and food down there, all waiting for when that big stuff arrives… Won´t be long, can´t wait…

Author: alinasitges

Fishing mad

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