Sao Miguel Island, Azores

Somewhere new this year.

“Awesome” just does not do justice to the place and the views on the island are literally mind blowing…


We also went fishing, on a boat run by Filipe from from a small village called Vila Franca do Campo.

Was initially nothing more than a day out at sea where we enjoyed seeing the wildlife… turtles, several whales, countless gulls and even more dolphins.



We also did a little fishing, dragging 4 lures around.

Nothing happened for a few hours but we saw plenty bait balls being smashed into on the surface. All the while, as we ran up to them it was seemingly always dolphins in on the party. “Too many dolphins...” is not something we say too often.

Filipe worked the boat really hard and pursued flocks of birds endlessly, often doubling back through them. At one point he muttered something on the lines of “They are here, I know they are here….

He wasn’t wrong.

Both port side rods arched over and massive 80W reels screamed as line was pulled from them.

Much of what happened next was a blur, grabbing pictures seemed a distant thought vs. fighting the fish but heres Kate hooked up…


After 2:30 we had my fish through the door and into the boat, a 109kg (240lb) Big Eye Tuna and after a 3:30 fight Kate landed hers, 117kg (258lb), more than twice her weight.



This was truly a day beyond our wildest dreams and I was so proud of Kate.

We all have our favourite holiday destinations… Shell Island, Cuba, Nefyn, Sitges, Abersoch etc. There´s a new one of the list now, a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that´s like nowhere else on Earth.

I´ll be back…

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Fishing mad

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