It is horribly hot right now but this morning offered a little relief with a nice sea breeze, a sky filled with clouds and, falling from them, some very welcome & cooling rain showers.

An escape from the heat on land was thus primary in my thoughts so I left the harbour around 09:00, headed south and pulled an assortment of lures, large and small, to just beyond where the sea drops off into the depths.

Fishing was perhaps a secondary consideration today because a sea filled with breaking waves and white caps undoubtedly made it difficult for the fish to see the lures . One did though, a miniature version of those fish we caught in April, taking the smallest lure in the spread.

Carefully released back into the sea this juvenile Blue Fin Tuna has a wonderful journey ahead of him… a nice run South down the Spanish coastline, a passage through the Straits of Gibralter and then out into the wild Atlantic Ocean. With luck he´ll be back in these waters in a few years time, when he’s more than a hundred times the size he is now…

Author: alinasitges

Fishing mad

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