I dread to think how many types and designs of lures exist today. I also dread to think how embarrassing my collection of them has grown to…

Some are cool – they always catch. Some catch sometimes. Some.. well…

These what I would class as my Legends in the World of Lures….

Williamson Flash Feather

I have probably caught more fish on these whilst trolling than any other lure. Everything in the Med eats them. Favourite colours are purple – as in the pic below – and white. Hooks get an upgrade –  because I have had them bend out on big fish – from single to double. Just needs a couple of stop knots adding to make sure the lure rides up the trace and that the hooks sit near the back of the feathers. Highly recommended…!


Duel Adagio Heavy

Favourite lure for casting at big Tuna shoals. Has very different action than a traditional plug we would use in the UK use for Bass, Pike etc but comes to life when you move it fast – it has this slalom type wobble reminiscent of a fleeing baitfish. And when you stop it dead – it flutters gently as it drops down through the water. Just one big single on the back is best…



Jackson Artist FR105

I reckon this lure is called an Artist purely because that is what it is. It is an extremely capable fish catcher. As it moves through the water its action is exquisite – using braid you won´t find anything to compare with the sensations this thing sends down the line.

Hydrodynamics on it are literally worlds apart from similar lure types and you can tell by simply holding it and seeing it – there are flat planes, straight edges, compound curves, exponential radiuses and angles that are neither acute, nor obtuse and which defy all the laws of trigonometry. It can only have been designed by God and seemingly deploys reverse stealth technology in its ability to get noticed and attract fish.

For me it has taken, (with the exception of Tuna, and only because it´s too small), everything… Bass, Pike, Barracuda, Bluefish… not quite everything, but you see where I´m going….

For me, it is the best hard minnow, of its type, in this world today. Infinitely more capable than X-Raps & Crystal Minnows… only trouble is finding them in the shops.


Lucky Craft Gunfish

As fishing techniques have evolved, such as “walking the dog” style, lures like this must be one of the easiest to catch fish with.

I really like certain well thought out design aspects on the Gunfish… black hooks, feathers on the rear treble, different sized hooks – with the biggest in the middle ready for what would be a natural sideways hit on a wounded fish – together with the scale pattern of a wounded fish – the detail is very impressive.

Built tough. Casts well. Looks good. Catches Bass. Enough said.


Hart Bony 40gr

A really small casting jig, only a couple of inches long but which still weights 40 grammes meaning casting distance is substantial. A real favourite in warm autumn seas and one which has taken Dorado, small Tuna, Mackerel etc


Tackle House Feed Popper 135-175mm

These come in a range of sizes, some more suitable for smaller fish like Bluefish etc but those 135mm size and above are more than capable of landing Tuna.

135mm version (in pink in pics) is 45g so carries enough weight to cast adequate distance, small enough to appeal to those fish feeding on small fry and as loud as the bigger versions in the water when popped. 

When casting distance matters most its the 155 & 175m that work best.

In all versions, and I guess for all Tuna fishing, recommend inline single hooks for easy boatside unhooking…

Capabilities of high levels of destroyedness come as standard…

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