I found the weather pretty spectacular today, with monsoon style downpours it probably seemed best to avoid…

Was quite a lumpy sea but just like we saw a couple of days ago, with Joachim & Juan, packed with small BFT in the 3-4lb range.

Best lure by far… a 2 euro special from Game Fisher, this yellow and orange Williamson Jet Head…

Ultimately it was not my best ever day, characterisized by a bizzare incident… as ever I had a 2 x rods in side mounted rod-holders. Starboard side hooked up, somehow rattled and then unfothomably popped right out of the rod holder… if anyone finds an Avet MXL attached to a Colmic trolling rod… and maybe attached to a Dorado… it´s mine..!

As ever, lessons in life are always learned the hard way…

Author: alinasitges

Fishing mad

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