Digging lugworms is a bad habit, not only is it hard work, needs to be done at low tide when its invariably cold, wet and raining it also makes your fingers and clothes turn yellow.

Likewise cutting the heads off mackerel whilst striving to keep the innards attached is admittedly an art-form of the highest order but surely there are more elegant ways to catch fish.

Lure fishing is different – it’s less smellier for sure but its harder, its better and is infinitely more satisfactory when you do catch one.

When I do catch one is pretty rare though…!

My primary fishing area is in the Mediterranean Sea, just off Sitges on the Eastern coast of Spain. Many say the Med is overfished, me included, but just now and again the stars align, luck smiles and it falls to me to do that overfishing, mostly tiddlers for sure, but every now and again, monsters…

On this site are the (mostly small) fish I’ve lured…