Digging lugworms is bad from many perspectives – it´s hard work, needs to be done at low tide, usually in stinky mud, and more often than not when its cold, wet & raining. It also makes your fingers and clothes turn yellow.

Likewise, cutting the heads off mackerel whilst striving to keep the innards attached is an art-form for those anglers temping a bite via a tasty morsel.

But surely there are more elegant and rewarding ways to catch fish..?

Lure fishing is different – it’s less smellier for starters – but for me it´s the pureism aspect that shines foremost. It´s all about tricking that fish into a bite, through the motions imparted into something quite lifeless – not in sitting back and waiting to trap them via a hook hidden within a tasty morsel…!

My primary fishing area is in the Mediterranean Sea, just off Sitges on the Eastern coast of Spain. Many say the Med is overfished, me included, but just now and again the stars align, luck smiles and it falls to me to do that overfishing – mostly tiddlers for sure – but every now and again, monsters…

On this blog are the (mostly small) fish I’ve lured…

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