October. By far the best month for both the weather and the fishing here in the Western side of the Meditteranean.

Slipped out for a quick session this morning (work in the afternoon) and just lost count. As I recall… Amberjack no more than 500m from the harbour entrance, a substantial 6lb Dorado next around the 1km mark then out at sea too many small Tuna to remember. Bonito, Little Tuna, Small BFT everywhere.

Easy. Just like this…

Tomorrow is not a half day at work. Its a full day off work. Lets see what comes…


Summer is drawing to a close over here, its mid September now but the fishing is hopefully coming to a peak. Took a ride out this morning and along with a couple of small Tuna the Dorado are here – not big yet but as we get to the end of October they should be twice the size. All on the same lure today – a multi coloured Williamson…


We made our way back to Sata Lucia again and it was still the same wonderful place we left two years ago. After the first taxi ride up to La Boca it took Kate just 10 minutes to land our first big Barracuda of the trip. We next had a trip out on the catamarans running from the hotel beach and quite soon it was 2/0 with an even bigger fish…!

Across the week I launched most of my lures towards the far bank of the estuary and lost count of the casts I made. Loira’s dad had just one cast and launched himself to the far bank too… In the end I was finally rewarded with the one you see on the rocks in the pictures below.

It’s not only about fishing here though, it’s the experience of being somewhere really special.