Sitges Harbour Wall

On Friday night I had a few spare hours so took a walk down the harbour wall before the sun went down and was fortunate to get a small Bluefish.

Looking for more I had an early start this morning, well before the sun started to rise.

First cast with a Lucky Craft Gunfish and this guy crashed into it on the surface. As per usual, a great fight and lots of leaps skywards.


Am suspecting Spain to go into virus lock-down soon so had a final trip out to sea before my fishing opportunities close. Was really hoping to see Tuna but unfortunately they just don´t seem to be here yet so dropped some sabikis to the bottom in order to see what small stuff was around. All seems well down there as I found it alive with the usual culprits… Red Bream, Scad, Blotched Pickerel, Red Gurnard, Bogue, Mackerel and my very own Arch Nemesis – the Greater Weever…


October. By far the best month for both the weather and the fishing here in the Western side of the Meditteranean.

Slipped out for a quick session this morning (work in the afternoon) and just lost count. As I recall… Amberjack no more than 500m from the harbour entrance, a substantial 6lb Dorado next around the 1km mark then out at sea too many small Tuna to remember. Bonito, Little Tuna, Small BFT everywhere.

Easy. Just like this…

Tomorrow is not a half day at work. Its a full day off work. Lets see what comes…


A pleasure to be out on the boat this morning as September & October really are the nicest months of the year. Found the sea to be alive with Dorado everywhere there was structure, debris, buoys etc.

Sometimes I can catch them…

Sometimes it just doesn´t matter….

In the next month these should almost double in size, from 1.5 to 3kgs. Roll on October…!