Joachim and me fished this morning and it proved to be another day where counting the fish was futile. Once past 4NM these small 2kg BFT were everywhere and smashing these daisy chains I rigged up with 2 small white lures running ahead of a purple one (I made up two and they worked really well)…

We found shoals of Little Tuna feeding on the surface – with some very big ones within them, 10-15kg sized – but despite throwing small poppers at them I could only get these 2-3kg sized ones to bite – they way out-numbered their bigger brothers…

Dinner tonight came courtesty of the first Dorado of the year. Ollies arch nemesis is back…

Unfortunately some rough weather lies ahead of us over the next two days… gives me time to think ahead to Thursday & Friday and how to round the year of with a big, er… Little Tuna

Author: alinasitges

Fishing mad

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