Back out this Friday morning after some great days over these last few weeks.

Was neither cloudy or sunny and it felt like a final day before the season here finishes, winter draws in and we have that long wait till Easter.

Had several small Tuna along the way… also had another Dorado casting at floating debris… missed something big that arched a rod over as we passed more debris (likely another late season Dorado)… but all is well…

Childs play right now…


Had a great day at sea yesterday with perfect weather and plenty of fish. One of the first up was the nice, round small Bluefin you see above

Then by lots of fortune, miles offshore, I found a tree…


Was full of life below it and I had several Wreckfish, a new species for me…


Bit best of all 6 really nice Dorado caught spinning a small baitfish lookalike casting lure…


Here are a couple…

I eventually moved on but before coming  home took a final drive past and sure enough the rod closest arched over for the biggest of the day…


Had a long day out in the sun today and it was great just to see these small Blue-Fin Tuna smashing into baitfish, flying out of the water, going totally airborne and cartwheeling through the sky.

They are the same age fish we caught earlier in the summer – but when they were much smaller – this is how fast they pack on the pounds and mature.

Underwater they seem to be almost made of metal…

vlcsnap-2018-10-23-20h48m58s025 (1)


Arch Nemesis

Impossible to catch for someone but thankfully not for me..! It has been scorching hot these last few days and there are plenty of nice sized Dorados about right now – I had 6-7 this morning along with some small Amberjack and small Tuna.

Tuna caught casting Halco Twistys. Dorado caught on small Williamson trolling lures, modified slightly, with double instead of single hook.



Sitges – End of the summer

Daytime temperatures have dropped from the madness of August, its a little cloudy too but offshore the water temperatures usually peak at this time of year. Warm water means only one thing – Dorado – so I took a long anticipated run out this morning.

Sweetest spot was finding a floating log in the sea – fish lurk underneath floating debris like this. I just knew that as soon as I passed it one of the trolling lures would be hit and sure enough, the nearest rod arched over and the first Dorado of the day was on and soon in the boat.

Circled back and cast a small, silver Halco Twisty past the log, pulled it back fast and sure enough, first cast, I was on with the second one..!

Ended the day with three Dorado and dozens of Little Tuna and baby Bluefin Tuna – so many I lost count – and there ain´t many days I can say that…!


Was windy and quite choppy today but on the basis that “if it’s blowing we’re going” set out to see what I could find… Tuna, Mackerel and 7 baby Amberjack all taking on small trolling lures. Arch Nemesis was nowhere to be seen but I suspect he’s around, laughing …

Cuba – La Boca

On the North coast of Cuba, at the South East end of where the Cayos start I fished at La Boca which is a little inland from Playa Coco, reputedly one of Cubas finest beaches…

Bay of Nuevitas

Only used 1 lure, a 49g Halco Rooster 135 popper which took some serious Barracuda and a first for me, a nice Jack Crevalle.

Jack Crevalle
A happy guy
One of many Barracuda

And with my helpers that day. The local guy that landed the fish for me ate well that night…